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Lansare de carte: Gabriela Sîrbu – „Speak The Unspoken”

Scris de Daniel Solheim

Data: Duminica 12. martie 2023, ora 14.00 – 16.00 (link catre eveniment FB)

Locul: Literaturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo (link google)

Gabriela Sîrbu organizează duminică, la Litteraturhuset, cartea ”Speak the unspoken – Exploring the Unwritten Rules of North Norway” (Spune nespusul – o explorare a regulilor nescrise din Nordul Norvegiei).

Evenimentul va fi în limba engleză.

Mai jos, textul evenimentului publicat pe Facebook.

I invite you to my book launch in Oslo, on Sunday, March 12th, at 2 PM.

There are many people from the far, far North living in Oslo too.

I have chosen to write about what we don’t speak out loud here, in the far, far North. About things we do or say, and we take for granted that people coming from outside our circles will understand them without us telling them. This happens in every home, in every culture.

People who came to the launch in Tromsø have mentioned difficulties in working with their colleagues in the South. My book helped.

I have described and tried to make sense of things and behaviors that at first sight do not make sense, yet they are grounded in a long tradition and historical events. There is always a reason for things to happen and for people to be as they are. Me and you included.

Each story I share is lived and experimented with in my process of adjusting to the northernmost European culture. A process that took almost 20 years. And I am still determining if I am there. In some circles, I feel at home; in others, I still feel like a stranger. Like this poem I found somewhere: “So here you are / To foreign for home / To foreign for here / Never enough for both.”

And in time, I discovered that I am not alone in this feeling or the process.

Let’s discuss it on March 12th, at 2 PM at Litteraturhuset in Oslo.

It is not going to be a book sale. Yet, if you want the book, you find it on Amazon.

Welcome, with or without the book. The discussion will be interesting, especially if you bring your experience to the table.

Daniel Solheim

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